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Ayurvedic Cleansing


  • Boost energy!

  • Lose weight and feel vibrant!

  • Purge toxins from your body!

  • Eliminate brain fog, cravings, and digestive issues!

  • Reduce seasonal allergies and improve immunity!

An Ayurvedic internal cleanse will help you restore, renew and refresh, delivering amazing results that last.

Take this step to invest in your self-care and well-being.  You'll be amazed at how you feel after 30 days!

Listen to these life-changing experiences:

About the 30-Day Detox

Ayurvedic cleanses have been used in India for thousands of years as a seasonal regime to restore balance of the doshas and establish equilibrium of body and mind.  A cleanse is best done at the change of seasons, usually twice per year. 

The focus of this traditional detox is to extract toxins out of the deep layers of our tissues into our digestive tract so that they can be purged. With this cleanse you will connect to your natural state of balance and feel more clear and grounded. You will experience a renewed sense of energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life.

There is a specific approach to performing an Ayurvedic cleanse.  Our program is guided by experts through each step of the at-home process.  

Detox Program

The Cleanse program will be done in 3 phases, each is around 10 days:

Preparation - attend Welcome Day, pick up Kit, have your private consult with Ayurveda expert, plan for the month

Welcome Day / Kit Distribution:  Held in-person on first day of the program  (Kits can also be shipped)

1.  Preparation Phase - attend any or all live classes, start eliminating certain foods, begin at-home practices

2.  Detox Phase - begin monodoshic diet, internal oleation, inner cleansing with herbs, basti treatment at home

3.  Post-Detox Phase - begin adding foods gradually, follow rejuvenation protocol, have consult to assess progress

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Detox & Cleanse

  • Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas

  • Improves immune function

  • Reduces allergic response

  • Reduces inflammation in the body

  • Reduces weight and belly fat

  • Improves digestion and eliminates gas, bloating, acidity, and constipation

  • Normalizes blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Promotes mental clarity and ability to focus

  • Reduces cravings for sweet and salty foods

  • Clears and nourishes the skin

  • Increases energy, vitality, and eliminates lethargy

  • Improves quality of sleep and creates balanced sleep cycle

  • Resets the nervous system and restores sense of calm 

  • Helps to balance various hormones in the body

Included in the Program:

  • 30 Days complete, guided purification protocol including Preparation phase, Detox phase, and Post-detox phase 

  • Cleanse Kit (see below for details)

  • An Ayurvedic expert provided to you for guidance for the entire program

  • Daily and Weekly live check in calls with expert guides and other participants

  • Consultation with your Ayurvedic guide to discuss your goals, offer guidance, and answer questions

  • Yoga and Pranayama online instruction and portal for access during the cleanse

  • Two live classes in Ayurvedic cooking to help you prepare meals during the program

  • One live class to teach how to herbalize and energize Abhyanga oils

  • Online Class - How to Perform Abhyanga (medicinal oil application)

  • Online Class - How to Perform Nasya (nasal cleanse)

  • Online Class - How to Perform Basti (enema kit included) 

  • Healing Meditation weekly live classes

  • Yoga Nidra audio for deep relaxation and deep, restful sleep

  • Recipes for the various diet phases 

  • Online portal to easily access information, instructions, classes, chat forum and more from anywhere

  • Options to purchase Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments at a discounted rate during the cleanse

Included in the Cleanse Kit:

We provide the highest quality organic herbs and oils available:

  • Seasonal Abhyanga oil

  • Nasya Oil 

  • Handcrafted Herbal Cleanse Teas

  • Castor Oil 

  • Triphala powder 

  • Trikatu powder

  • Dashamula powder 

  • Chyawanprash

  • Enema Kit

**Note: Participants should have basmati rice, moong daal and a few spices on hand for the cleanse. Names of stores in the area will be listed in the Member Portal.


Expert Guides



Abhyanga Class



Medicinal Herbs






Cooking Class



Live Meditation


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Yoga Classes



Basti Class


Participants from our sold out Spring 2022 Detox gather to celebrate.

Ayurvedic 30-Day Detox Program Costs
Price per person - $349   

Member price - $299   Join Membership
Premium Member price: $279

Returning participants who don't need a kit can use discount code for $100 off during sign up.


Your Guides: Nisha Bansal & Meena Sankar


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Detox?

Our bodies accumulate toxins from the foods we eat, our environment and our emotions, known in Ayurveda as aama.  We need deep inner cleansing at least once or twice a year to remove these toxins.  An Ayurvedic Detox involves a regimented diet, routine, herbs, oils and more for purification.  During the purification phase, you'll learn how to safely purge toxins from the digestive tract with internal oleation and basti, Ayurvedic enema.

How is this Detox program different from other ones?

Ayurvedic detox is a unique cellular cleansing process which completely removes toxins from the tissues. What is unique in Ayurvedic detox is that most fat-soluble toxins are removed by taking increasing amounts of ghee. Fat soluble toxins are known to be more dangerous than water soluble toxins. The ghee helps most of the toxins to be released from the tissues into the ghee. They are then drawn to the gut with the aid of Ayurvedic oil application over the whole body. Finally, they are removed out of the body with different practices to complete the treatment.

I am completely healthy, so why should I detox?

Seasonal changes, environmental changes, and emotional changes all affect our bodies, minds and consciousness. As a result, our bodily doshas - vata, pitta and kapha - change and undergo accumulation and provocation. If we can calm the doshas and keep them balanced, then we can maintain health and avoid most ailments.  Hence, even if you are healthy now, you can prevent disease and strengthen your immunity with this detox. Just like a car needs periodic servicing, our bodies need detox to rebalance and reset for the upcoming new season. Our practitioners and staff detox at a minimum twice a year and see amazing results each time.

How strict is the diet regimen - is any fasting required?
During the purification phase (middle 10 days) the program involves a diet restricted to monodoshic foods like Kichadi.  There is no strict fasting from food.  The initial days are an elimination period where certain foods are suggested to be removed from the diet like alcohol, caffeine, sugar and meat.  We add back foods in the last phase.

Can I do the Detox while on a protocol from my Ayurvedic Practitioner?

In most cases, yes, as it will help you see more benefits and rapid healing while continuing with your protocol. During the detox phase, you'll be asked to only take the herbs in your Kit.  You can resume protocol herbs immediately after.  Our Ayurvedic Doctors will be on hand to advise as needed.

Can I do the Detox while I am working?
Yes, the simplified diet and other customizations are provided to support your demanding or full schedule. We do recommend though that to achieve maximum benefits you take it easy and clear your schedule as much as possible. Remember, you are doing this for YOU as an investment in your long term health and well-being.
Can I do the Detox while I am travelling?
We recommend that you stay at one place for the majority of the detox phase and plan your travel around it.
How much time should I plan every day for the Detox program?
This is a deep cleanse based on ancient practices of Ayurveda. To obtain the maximum benefits and impact, we suggest keeping aside at least one hour every day on average for a class, live call, food prep, meditation practice, or R&R.
What if I am taking any medications?
We recommend consulting with your physician to ensure that the Detox is appropriate for you.

I follow several diet restrictions; will I be able to follow the detox diet plan?
The purification phase (10 days) of the program is a simplified restricted meal plan to allow rest to your digestive system. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your dietary restrictions and provide modifications so you can still benefit from the Cleanse.
What if I can’t make the live classes or calls?
We completely understand that everyone will not be able to make it to every class or call. All classes and calls will be recorded and will be available for you to review at your own time. You can also email and reach our team for any specific questions that you would like to discuss one on one.
What can I expect to feel like during the Detox?
Everyone’s body is different and responds and reacts in its own unique way. There will be changes in mood, appetite, weight and energy levels as you move through different phases of the cleanse, working towards a newer, healthier You. Incorporating our supportive healing practices like meditation, pranayama and yoga increases the benefits and quickens the progress to meet your health goals.

Are there any contra-indications for the Detox?

Yes. Children 13 and under are not advised.  Children between 14 and 18 will have a modified program. Adults over 70 should consult with us before registering.  Certain chronic diseases that cause severe weakness or weight loss are not advised.  Avoid if you're pregnant or nursing, or if you've had recent surgery or upcoming surgery. If you're unsure if this Cleanse is appropriate, contact us. And if we find during our initial consult that it's best to not proceed, then we will issue a full refund.

What if I have more questions before the program starts?

All participants will be invited to Welcome Day, where we will meet with you individually to discuss the program, talk about your goals, answer questions, and take helpful measurements.  (This can be held virtually if you're unable to attend in person.)  During the program there will be weekly and daily live calls for questions as well, and your expert guide will be available to you throughout all phases.

NOTE: Cleansing may not be appropriate for everyone. Avoid if you are above 70 or less than 13 years old, feeling sick or weak, pregnant, breast feeding, recently undergone surgery, or have a serious medical condition. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Consult your licensed healthcare physician before using any health protocol — including herbal supplements and natural remedies — especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications.


"I have no words to explain! I was 131 pounds when I started. I weighed 124.5 pounds today morning. Weight loss was not my intention though. I wanted internal cleanse. That is achieved. I have a better understanding of my body. I feel that mind and body are in equilibrium. Not a day I felt irritated, emotional or weak. Feel very energetic!"

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