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Our Ayurveda Shop Ayurvedic Medicines

We carry a limited stock of Ayurvedic items at our Center to make it easy for our clients to pick up the herbs and supplies they need for a successful Ayurvedic regimen.  Visit us during our regular business hours for pick-up or have a look around.  You can also order supplements online.

We supply authentic, traditional herbs from select companies that have exceptional reputations for safety, efficacy, and authenticity.

Top quality vitamins and supplements vetted by our very own clients for purity and effectiveness.  Medical grade supplements commonly used by leading alternative health practitioners.

Medicated Ghee

Medicated ghees are used traditionally for a wide range of health issues, especially neurological disorders, pediatrics, and nerve-related conditions.

Handcrafted and organic, whole, premium herbs with a range of therapeutic benefits.  Not sold anywhere else.

Herbal Skin Packs

All natural and hand-packed face powders with Ayurvedic traditional ingredients that help with a variety of skin conditions.  Not sold elsewhere.

Massage Oils

We carry special herbal oils formulated for each of the three dosha types, to be used seasonally and when there is dosha imbalance.

DISCLAIMER:  We carry items for clients of Vedic Health only offered on a donation basis.  Suggested donation amounts are equal to the retail value and are displayed at our center.  We may limit quantities due to our small stock.

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