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What is Vedic Health?


Vedic Health Inc was founded in 2017 by Doctor of Ayurveda, Amita Jain, as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to provide a natural healing alternative to those who suffer from chronic illness.  Perhaps you have tried western medicine but have not achieved well-being.  We believe it is the right of every individual to choose how they want to approach health. Modern medicine is not always the solution for everyone. But for those who do seek alternative medicine, the path to healing may not be affordable (a single visit to a Naturopath can cost $300 to $2500).  Thus there is a pool of people, suffering daily from often undiagnosed illness, who feel they have no options available to them and nowhere to go.  Vedic Health was opened for you.


Are services affordable?


Vedic Health serves the community; a center that offers affordable natural healing therapies, built on the founding principal that the health and well-being of every person is foremost priority.  Vedic Health operates on a donation basis.  No one is ever turned away due to financial hardship.  We keep minimal overhead by operating with volunteers and donated equipment and materials.  The teachers, doctors, professors, and gurus that team with us do so selflessly with the shared vision of helping others without seeking any compensation.  Give what you can; we will always give our best to help you. 

What is the client volume at your clinic?


In contrast to a typical general medicine office that often sees a minimum of 20 patients a day, our practitioners see a maximum of 20 per week.  Our goal is not to see as many people as possible, but to help in the healing of every person who comes to us, and this requires time with each individual.  Most doctors’ offices have huge expenses, and high patient volume is essential to staying in business. However, this hurts the physician-patient relationship since practitioners can not spend sufficient time with each patient.  The patient feels unheard, and leaves without hope or confidence in their ability to heal. These are often the people who come to us.


Why do I have to wait for an appointment?


Our model focuses on giving each client ample time so we can fully examine past and present symptoms, lifestyle, emotional state and most importantly, evaluate the root cause.  Follow-ups are an important part of the treatment protocol. For this reason, we get booked quickly and new clients may have to wait a few weeks or more for an appointment. However, we try to fill every cancellation and we do keep some slots reserved for those in more desperate situations.

Who can Vedic Health Ayurveda help?


We help those who are committed to improving their health.  Our therapies consist of diet, herbs and supplements, lifestyle changes, and yogic practices as per the principles of Ayurveda, India’s 5000-year-old medical system still practiced today all over India and the globe.  The medical philosophy of Ayurveda has been proven over centuries to be incredibly effective at healing...when the patient commits to healing.  That means the individual must make a determination to devote herself to self-healing and is willing to do whatever it takes within her means to reach there.  It also means making oneself the highest priority in one’s life - your commitment to health must take first place above family, career and everything else. This is perhaps the hardest step.  But once taken, the rewards of health, happiness, and well-being become imminent.


How long does it take to see improvement?


Healing naturally takes time.  Once we point you to the root cause of your symptoms, the protocol will take time to eradicate or correct it.  One can expect to see positive results from their treatment plan in as little as a week and up to 3 months, or more in some cases.  In general, a year of illness requires a month of strict adherence to protocol to start seeing results. 10 years of illness can take up to a year.  Be patient and think your way to success. If you tell yourself you feel better, you will feel better, and this positive outlook aids greatly in the healing process.


How does Ayurveda help find the root cause of my symptoms?


Ayurveda is based on the fundamental concept that each one of us is different in our constitutional make-up.  Whereas western medicine classifies us as all the same (made up of cells, tissues and organs), Ayurveda states that at the subtlest level we are made up of the five basic elements of the universe: air, ether, fire, water and earth.  These combine and form 3 subtle energies known as doshas. Our human form is a manifestation of the combination of these 3 dosha types, most of us being dominant in or two of them. Once we can understand our primary dosha type, we can learn how to keep ourselves in balance and harmony and adjust our lifestyle to prevent illness.  Thus the first step in health is prevention, by staying in balance, and the first step in treatment is removing the cause that’s creating the imbalance.


How does my dosha play a role in my therapy?


Our primary goal with every client is to determine the root cause of the symptoms and illness.  Treatment plan is prescribed based on dosha prakruti (dosha type born with) and vikruti (dosha in imbalance) to target the root cause.  No two people are given the same protocol as each individual is unique in their constitution. For example, if three people come in complaining of frequent headaches, each could receive an entirely different protocol to follow, as the root cause for one may be hormonal changes, for the other, an allergic reaction, and for the third a lifestyle cause (high stress).  Thus each person is prescribed a regimen specific to the underlying cause based on the aggravated dosha. (For this reason, it’s important that clients do not share their protocol with others, as what works for one may not work for another.)


How long is the Ayurvedic treatment protocol?


There are generally 3 phases in treatment protocols. Often, but not always, they are:  detoxing (remove causes and toxins), strengthening (immune-building), maintenance (staying in balance).  When choosing Ayurvedic or natural medicine, one should commit to seeing their Practitioner at least once a month for a period of 3 to 6 months.  Once the client is back to good health, an annual visit is sufficient. At monthly follow-up visits, the Practitioner performs a physical exam observing pulse, tongue, skin and nails, and is able to determine the healing progress of the client.  These observations indicate to the Practitioner how much and where to adjust the client’s protocol. For example, if a person was given a stringent diet to follow, and the Practitioner observes progress in the exam after one month, she may alter the diet plan adding in more foods.  Some supplements may need to be changed based on progress, or lack of.  Thus, follow up visits are vital to the client’s success.


How can I prepare for my visit?


Prior to the first appointment, clients will need to complete a detailed health form giving medical history and description of symptoms.  In the clinic, you may receive more forms to assess your dosha type, your current state of health, and sign a waiver of liability. It is best to send all your recent lab reports to us prior to your visit.  If you do not have recent lab reports, inform the Practitioner at your appointment. In those cases, we may ask you to get certain blood tests done either through your general physician’s office or by ordering with Quest directly on our website.  


What happens at a first visit?


Most initial visits are focused on the Ayurvedic exam, patient history, detailed symptom review, and discussion with the Practitioner.  The Practitioner will develop a detailed health protocol or treatment plan specific to the patient, and reviews it with her/him at the first or second visit.  From that point, follow up visits are generally required every 30 days, sometimes sooner, for 3-4 months.


What is the Ayurvedic exam?


Each client will have an Ayurvedic exam at the first visit and possibly at follow-up ones.  The exam includes observations of pulse, tongue, skin, nails and eyes. There may be additional observations, followed by review of symptoms and questions to the client about their lifestyle, daily habits, eating habits, sleep patterns, exercise regimen, stress levels, emotional health, and more.  The more specific you are about your health, the easier it is for the Practitioner to develop your therapeutic plan.

Note:  Do NOT clean your tongue prior to your appointment (morning routine cleaning is fine.)


Where do I source supplements?


It is our mission to help every person who comes to us by giving them the tools, education, knowledge and information so they can help themselves regain health, vitality and balance.  While Vedic Health does not carry or sell it's own brand of supplements, we do suggest companies that we trust. Our suggestions for products come from confirmed usage and benefits testified by previous clients and from our research of the company, it's products, quality, ingredients, cost effectiveness, and reputation. It’s critical that our clients consume the highest quality medicinal herbs available and we help source these so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right product.  We may carry some stock in our center, which is offered on a donation basis.  Call us to see what we have in stock.  Order Supplements

Do you accept insurance?  How can I pay/donate? 


Vedic Health operates on a donation basis.  Each service has a suggested donation amount, however clients are welcome to give as they choose.  No one is turned away for inability to pay. We do not accept insurance as most insurance companies do not cover alternative therapies, however we do accept Flexible Spending cards and some health insurances may reimburse for wellness and natural health visits.  Inquire with your insurance about rebates. Donations can be made online at time of booking (preferred), in person with cash, check or credit card, or via Paypal on our website. Payments can also be made in installments over time if anyone wants to give but is unable to do so at once.  Every payment to Vedic Health is tax deductible. Keep your online/email receipt.  Make a Donation


How do yoga classes work?


The right kind of yoga class can be exceptionally rewarding in many ways, and can speed up the healing process significantly. We offer several yoga classes that are therapeutic in nature including Asanas, Pranayama (deep-breathing) with meditation, Kids Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Advanced yoga classes.  Your Ayurvedic Practitioner can suggest which class would be best for you. Classes are weekly and ongoing, live and online.

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