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Want it today?  Visit the Shop at our center, or call us at 240-753-0151 (24/7 answering).


Vedic Health Shop

Order products that we carry at Vedic Health for shipping or pick-up at our center. Select Ayurvedic powders, tablets, oils and more as suggested by your Practitioner.  We carry only the highest quality products available on the market that are certified organic and rigorously tested for purity.


Vedic Health Shop

Our teas are formulated with organic, raw, unprocessed, uncrushed herbs to heal a variety of conditions. Mild, yet very effective and safe for most everyone, these rare teas will not be found elsewhere. We hand craft them just for our clients. [Type 'tea' in the search bar on next page.]


Vedic Health Shop

Purchase your Ayurvedic cleanse kit here.  Includes guidebook, herbs, oils, recipes, and video links to support your at-home experience.

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