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Your Online Appointment

Join the link below at your scheduled meeting time. Please wait in the Zoom Waiting Room until your Practitioner admits you. There may be a short wait time.

If your wait time exceeds 10 minutes, or if your Practitioner isn't listed below, please call us at 240-753-0151.

Zoom Rooms

Orientation Room (New Members)
Meeting ID: 849 9250 5260

Password:  vedic

Open Office with Amita Jain (Premium Members)
Meeting ID: 850 7332 4970

Password:  AJ**** (see email)

Amita Jain Consult Room
Meeting ID: 720 959 5846

Password:  vedic

Shweta Sharma Consult Room

Meeting ID: 867 110 1290
Password:  vedic

Om Sanduja Consult Room

Meeting ID: 890 6970 9193
Password:  vedic

Meena Sankar Consult Room

Meeting ID: 6628205494
Password:  vedic

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