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Ayurvedic Health Consultation
Chronic and Complex Conditions


An expert Ayurvedic Doctor conducts this appointment, specifically formatted to find the root cause of chronic illness including a detailed Ayurvedic assessment to determine the unique constitution (dosha prakruti) and to assess the client's imbalances (dosha vikruti).  A physical exam will be conducted along with a detailed inquiry into the client's lifestyle, eating, and emotional habits.  A specific health protocol will be given.  60 min.  The appointment will include:

  • General Physical Exam (vital signs and body structure)

  • Pulse Reading

  • Tongue, Nails and Skin Examination

  • Detailed Review of Symptoms

  • Complete Health History

  • Review of recent lab reports

Client will be given a complete health protocol to follow based on their specific dosha and doshic imbalance at the root cause of symptoms. Most clients see results within 3 months or sooner.  To encourage follow-ups, we keep the cost of future visits minimal.   

Ayurvedic Health Consultation
General and Mild Conditions


Our Ayurvedic Counselor will uncover your prakruti (birth dosha) and vikruti (doshic imbalances) and will give you an outline of diet and lifestyle that is best for your specific body type to manage mild symptoms, prevent disease and keep you in the most optimal state of being.  By understanding your dosha, including your birth constitituion and your existing condition, you can set out on the path to long term health and well-being, and prevent all kinds of lifestyle disorders.  60 min.  This appointment includes:

  • General Ayurvedic Observations

  • Tongue, Nails and Skin Examination

  • Dosha evaluation

  • Discussion of current lifestyle and daily habits

  • Protocol for health maintenance based on dosha

  • Ayurvedic and natural supplements for general well-being

Follow Up Visits
with your initial Practitioner



Follow up visits are vital to the client's success.  The Practitioner may perform another physical exam to check for progress.  The protocol will be discussed and adjusted where needed based on the client's condition and symptoms.  Follow up visits are generally every 4 to 8 weeks at Practitioner's discretion.  Often after 3-4 months there is significant improvement and further visits are only suggested annually.  This appointment may include:

  • General Physical Exam (vital signs)

  • Pulse Reading

  • Tongue, Nails and Skin Examination

  • Review of remaining symptoms

  • Discussion of protocol, adjustments where needed

  • Review of follow up lab reports

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with certified Specialist

Girl getting Shirodhara Done - An Ayurvedic and alternative treatment

Our stress levels, food intake, hectic routines and unhealthy habits cause the accumulation of toxins in the body that can lead to an imbalance of the doshas.  Shodhana therapies known as Panchakarma help to eliminate these toxins from our mind and body.  These are suggested when the body accumulates excessive toxins and is unable to excrete them with diet and herbals alone.   

Some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Shirodhara  (neurological health)

  • Nasya  (respiratory health)

  • Vasti  (knee, neck, back pain)

  • Abhyanga (overall health)

  • Hair Loss help


Read more about each of these therapies.

See Prices

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Pranic Energy Healing 
with certified Specialist


Pranic Healing is an energy-based modality that integrates body, breath and pure consciousness. It is an opportunity to deepen your experience of your whole self and to explore and release deeply held patterns and blocks from cellular memory, the energy body, and even deeper layers of consciousness. A practice of light and energy work that invite healing on the deepest levels of being.  Especially healing when you are looking to release deep emotional or traumatic or karmic experiences and to break away from self-destructing habits or patterns.

Counseling for Adults & Teens
with certified Therapists


Counseling is an integral part of Ayurveda and our health treatment protocols.  Often there is a tremendous release of emotional blockages when a suffering individual has a platform to speak openly without fear of judgement.  Once these blockages open up, the doshas are allowed to move freely, and symptoms begin to decrease.  During a one-hour counseling session, the Counselor's goal is to listen compassionately and ask specific questions to help the client in uncovering deep-seated emotions that may be masked or buried and creating blockage.  

An initial health consultation with an Ayurvedic Practitioner is suggested so we can offer guidance on diet and lifestyle changes for a more holistic approach to healing.  

Hatha Yoga Classes
with certified Yoga Teachers


Our Hatha Yoga classes follow the ancient teachings of yoga as taught in the schools of India for generations, and focus on healing as much as relaxing and strengthening.  Our classes are designed for our clients who often suffer from pain and illness, thus they are unique and different from a typical studio class.  Our instructors place importance on breathing and relaxation during the practice of postures, and attaining to higher states of consciousness during meditation practice to invite healing to take place.  We offer classes for all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced, kids to seniors, and special classes just to practice deep, slow breathing called Pranayama.

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Private Yoga Session
with certified Yoga Teacher

Girl doing yoga in a Private Yoga Session with Vedic Yoga

Though we offer weekly classes in Hatha Yoga, some people may be seeking individualized attention to their practice of postures, or they may want to learn in a private setting at our Center.  Our yoga therapy sessions are designed specifically to suit the needs, ability and health condition of our client.  Yoga therapy is incredibly helpful in relieving all kinds of joint and muscular pain including back, neck, legs, and feet, and also beneficial for recovery from injury, surgery, or long periods without exercise.  Improve flexibility, reduce stress chemicals, gain muscle strength, balance and coordination.  For seniors, our instructor comes to your home to teach. Certified and experienced yoga teachers.

Practitioner:  Amita Jain, CCHT

Hypnotherapy Session with a Doctor

Effective for all kinds of psychosomatic ailments such as anxiety, depression, drug addiction, fear/phobia, lack of will power, lack of discipline, over-eating, attachments, etc.  Amita Jain is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who has worked on hundreds of clients helping them to regain control in their lives. Available at Practitioner's recommendation.  An initial health consultation is required as we may suggest diet and lifestyle changes for a more holistic approach to healing.  Read more about Hypnotherapy.

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Corporate and Group Health Seminars
Given by Amita Jain, AD

seminar photo 2_edited.jpg

We offer health seminars for your company or organization for the purpose of educating people on natural and holistic health principals.  We have given dozens of seminars at conferences, company events, religious institutions, schools and colleges, yoga retreats, day camps, and health-related events.  Seminars can be hourly, half or full day, or over several days.  Participants are given hand-outs and specific guidance on how to improve physical and mental well-being with the use of certain foods, herbs, daily habits, yoga poses and meditation techniques.  Contact us for more information or to make a booking. 


We have several videos online of past seminars to give you an idea of our format and various topics.

Virtual Consults

For those who are unable to come in person, we offer virtual visits for any of our services.  After booking, you'll receive a link to meet your Practitioner virtually.

Vedic Health is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN : 82-3629565.


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