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Amita Jain Doctor of Ayurveda

Amita Jain, AD    (CYT, CCHT, BS)

Doctor of Ayurveda

Founder, Vedic Health Inc

Amita Jain has been practicing Ayurveda, Yoga and Hypnotherapy for over 20 years.  She holds the degree Doctor of Ayurveda from Sai Ayurvedic College and graduate degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.  She is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from SVYASA Yoga Research University in Bangalore, and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Institute of Clinical and Ethical Hypnotherapy in Washington, DC.  She founded Vedic Health Inc (nonprofit) in 2017 to offer affordable alternative health care to the community.  Amita has taught thousands of students in Yoga and Ayurveda, has helped hundreds of people heal from debilitating illness, and has given numerous lectures and seminars at corporations, conferences and faith organizations.  She has been invited to speak at global health conferences world-wide as well as to immigrant communities in the US.  Her clients range from the impoverished and uninsured to physicians and CEOs. 

Amita currently practices at her grassroots clinic in Rockville, MD, and is adjunct Professor at Sai Ayurvedic College in Miami.  Her primary focus is working with chronic and complicated health problems where western medicine has been ineffective.

More about Amita Jain

Om Sanduja, AWC  (BVSC, CHC)

Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Om is a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Health, NY and received his Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling training from Kerala Ayurvedic Academy. Having vast experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals field for more than three decades, Om understands the limitations of western medicine and is able to fill these gaps by connecting current healthcare practices with holistic medicine. His purpose is to help others maintain and/or regain their health through Ayurveda. Under the mentorship of Amita Jain, he contributes to the community with an eastern perspective on what constitutes a healthy and happy society.

Darin Somma (Yogeshwar)

Certified Yoga Therapist

Darin Somma (Yogeshwar) has been teaching meditation and yoga for two decades in the Nation's Capitol of Washington D.C.  He is a certified yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and is an advisor on the board of Taksha University's Institue of Yoga Therapy and Meditation (IYTM).  He believes the true healing power of yoga lies in the ancient spiritual power and wisdom of the seers who gave us the practices, and who understood the need for customization of practice for the individual.  Yogeshwar was blessed in 2009 by HH Bhagavati Sri Karunamayi Amma to teach a unique and profound yoga asana practice for accelerating one's spiritual evolution suitable for all levels, and has taught this sequence in seminars around the country.  He is the author of "Yoga is Union".

Our Gurus:

Waldo Castro, MD, D.Ayur
Professor, Ayurvedic Medicine at Sai College

Dr. Waldo Castro, MD has practiced Integrative Medicine for over two decades and is the founder of Bliss and Light Research, dedicated to sharing Ayurvedic and Complementary approaches to healing. Dr. Castro incorporates over 25 years of clinical experience in Integrative Medicine and combines a holistic approach for primary care. Dr. Castro received his medical degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with high honors. He is a fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and a graduate from Sai Ayurvedic College, a NAMA certified institution.  Dr. Castro has written two books published by La Salle University.

Jyothi Shamith, BAMS, MD (Ay)
Professor, Physician Swasthyam Ayurvedic Hospital

Dr. Jyothi Shamith has obtained her BAMS and MD from SDM Udupi and Msc in yoga.  She has presented various seminars and journals. Dr. Shamith also works as an assistant professor at PN Paniker Ayurveda Collage in Kanhangad. She has a group of 5 post graduate doctors in various specialization. They run a super specialty clinic in Urology, Gynecology, Cosmetology, Orthopedic, Life Style Disorders, Anorectal disorder etc. Their hospital has shown excellence in practicing Panchakarma treatments in various elements.  She resides and practices in Kannur, Kerala.

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"Give. Love. Serve."
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Medical Disclaimer:

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