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Ayurvedic Oil Therapies

Ayurvedic therapies traditionally include the applicaton of medicated oils and herbs on the body using various techniques.  We offer traditional shodhana treatments to our clients undergoing supervision from our Practitioners.  We are not a spa but a healing center.  Our services are designed for therapeutic results and use specific, targeted oils according to the dosha type and condition of the client, as advised by the Practitioner.  For this reason, we encourage a Health Consult prior to booking.



Ancient Ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oil is continuously streamed over the forehead and scalp.  Useful for all kinds of mental ailments especially stress, anxiety and insomnia. Deeply relaxes the body and soothes the nerves.



Application of medicated oil to various parts of the body to promote overall health and longevity and balance of the doshas.  Helps to remove toxins and increase inner balance, harmony and well-being.

nasyam ayurveda.jpg


Therapy for the nasal and sinus regions to help offer relief from allergies, headaches, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and other upper respiratory conditions. 

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Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti, Greeva Vasti

Ayurvedic therapy for pain management of lower back, knees and neck.  Medicated oil is retained on the affected area using a wall of fresh dough.  Provides strength to the joints and muscles and helps remove inflammation.

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Lymph Drainage

Modern therapy that involves rhythmic movements to aid in pushing stagnant lymph so that waste materials and toxins can be eliminated from the body.  Often lymph blockages create pain due to inflammation.  This technique helps to remove blockages to lymph flow. 

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Ayurvedic management of hair loss, weak or thin hair, breakage, damage, and slow growth.  Helps to strengthen the hair roots for optimal hair growth and helps form a healthy scalp.


Deep Detox - Cleansing

Panchakarma aims to detoxify the mind and body to restore natural balance of the doshas.  This at-home cleansing program brings the body back to homeostasis and rejuvenates all the tissues and organs.  It involves a prep and post-detox phase and is elaborate requiring the client to work under the guidance of our Ayurvedic experts.



A traditional method of taking an Ayurvedic steam bath to help eliminate toxins from the body, encourage healthy skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and purify the tissues.  Free option with all panchakarma services. We strongly suggest doing Swedana following Abhyanga.



Deep tissue massage techniques are used to rehabilitate muscles by targeting tension, adhesions, and scar tissue. It tones the muscles, lubricates the joints, removes impurities from the body and makes skin softer, smoother. Helps to remove fatigue, prevent aging and degeneration, and encourages the removal of metabolic wastes.


Shila Abhyanga

Ancient technique and deeply relaxing massage, during which smooth, flat, heated stones are used on the body to ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues. Will pacify and soothe Vata dosha.


Nidra Massage

A deeply calming and relaxing massage focused on inviting the mind and body into a meditative and restful state to welcome sleep. Gentle rocking techniques, swaddling, and aromatherapy are also incorporated into the treatment. Helpful for insomnia and other sleep issues. 


Marma  and Shiromarma Therapy

Marma therapy is the Ayurvedic energy healing modality that uses the power of prana or subtle energy to heal. Similar to acupuncture but instead of needles, fingertip pressure is used to stimulate the energy points. A subtle yet powerful technique to provoke deep healing.  Helps all kinds of ailments related to pain, digestion, sleep, energy, circulation, stress, and more. 


Sensory Healing Package

This traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma package includes therapies for all the sensory organs using ancient medicated oils, decoctions and herbals.  Includes shiro-abhyangam (head massage), shirodhara (head oil pouring), nasyam (sinus cleansing), anjanam (eye cleansing), gandusha (oral cleansing), karnapoorna (ear cleansing).  Useful for all respiratory and head-related conditions (lungs-ear-nose-throat-head therapy all in one extended session.)  



Prepare your body for delivery with slow, deep and soothing massage strokes to gently ease tension. Your body is tenderly supported by pillows. Great for fatigue, nerves, and mood. (High-risk clients must have physician approval.) With our certified prenatal masseuse.

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