COVID-19 Safety Measures

As you have already known, cases for COVID-19 are still relevant. We have been working diligently to improve our services and protocols to help prevent the spread of the disease and to protect our team, our clients, and our community. You will notice some changes in scheduling and during your visit. The following protocols will be carried out indefinitely:


  • Advanced registration-please complete all paperwork prior to the appointment.

  • Waiting:  If there is already someone in the waiting room,  please text us when you arrive and remain in your car until the waiting room has emptied.  You can also wait in building lobby.  We permit one person in the waiting room at a time.

  • Mask requirements: All practitioners and clients are required to wear a mask while in office.

  • Hand sanitizer to be used by all practitioners and clients before entering office

  • Temperature checks: All patients are checked for fever 

  • Limitations on companions: Only patients and one family members are allowed entry within the office. Family members or friends must remain outside in the car.

  • New scheduling protocols: Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing and disinfection. That may mean that you’re offered fewer options for scheduling.

  • Writing pen: Please bring a pen to fill out or sign any necessary documents.

  • Online appointment: If you would prefer to have a virtual consultation rather than coming into the office, please join the zoom link at the scheduled time of your meeting

  • If you are sick and do not feel well, please inform the office immediately.

Our Team:

  • Daily health assessment and temperature check of team members at the beginning of the day

  • Mask is worn by all team members at all times.

  • Ongoing training on infection control protocol and close monitoring for compliance.


  • Continuous and thorough disinfection of ALL surfaces in the office

  • Safe distancing at the reception desk

  • Appointments are made online or can be done by phone after you leave the office.

  • Touch-less payment processing. Payment can be done over the phone or through text.


Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unusual time. The health and safety of everyone are our concerns and main goal. We are looking forward to seeing you again even though we have to adhere to the social distancing and limiting time inside the office.

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"Give. Love. Serve."
-Swami Chinmayananda

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