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Vata Tea: Support for Vata Dosha

The medicinal herbs in this formula have been shown to help with:

Reduces excess Vata - coldness, dryness, constipation, anxiety, restlessness, poor circulation, muscle tightness


100% organic and non-GMO.  Premium quality loose whole dried herbs.  No added flavors, additives or preservatives.


Hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the highest potency and freshness.


Detailed instructions to make decoctions and brews will be sent with your tea package.

Vata Tea: Support for Vata Dosha


    Lemongrass, spearmint, licorice, fennel seed, rose petals, cinnamon, ginger, seedless rosehips. All herbs are certified organic


    1 tsp per 8 oz water


    Approx 30 servings (2.5 oz)


    V+ P- K=

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