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Naturally Odor Free

Warm weather means sweat. Sweat means odor. Odor means...less friends. So what should we eliminate - sweat, odor, or our friends? Western rituals have told us to stop the sweat. I say, don't stop the sweat, stop the odor.

What you see on the deodorant shelves of CVS are a variety of anti-perspirants. Exactly as labelled, anti-perspirants are made to stop perspiration.

According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy, sweating is one of the three physical ways of expelling toxins from the body and is an important and necessary cleansing action. The organ for that is the skin, and the underarm is the primary location for the start of the perspiration process. When we block that process, we allow toxins to accumulate in that area and spread to other areas.

Anti-perspirants contain harmful, disease-causing ingredients, specifically aluminum (not to mention parabens, propylene glycol, talc, etc) in order to stop the sweat. Pick up the deodorant in your bathroom and read the ingredients - you'll surely see an aluminum compound such as aluminum zirconium.

Aluminum is being absorbed through your skin into your body every single day with the use of anti-perspirants. Research has linked certain cancers (notably breast cancer), Alzheimer's disease, kidney disease, toxicity, and more to accumulation of aluminum in parts of the body.

There is no need to put such harmful chemicals into your body! There is no need to stop the sweat!

What we do need is odor control. We can do this with a natural deodorant that is NOT an anti-perspirant and is made with natural ingredients. Some of you may have tried a few of these products and gave up on them. Perhaps they were not effective. I've been using natural products for over 20 years, and I've probably tried every natural deodorant on the market. It's true - not all of them work well. But below are ones that really do.

Over the years I've seen articles come up on the internet putting down natural products that become popular. We have powerful companies in our country with billions of dollars to spend on internet marketing to dominate what we read. You may find articles saying that it's perfectly fine to absorb aluminum. But just from a common sense perspective - why do you want to put chemicals, proven to be harmful, into your body? Why do you want to stop the body's natural cleansing action?

Use natural products to control odor and feel fresh all day. And, yes, keep your friends too!

With peace and love,

Amita Jain

NOTE: I do not promote any product or company. These links are of products that I have personally used and can vouch for their safety and effectiveness.

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