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A Proper Pot

Most of us adore our home. It's our comfort zone and where we feel most content. Even after an amazing vacation we love to come home. Our rooms are decorated with comfortable furniture and pleasing accessories. There's probably not a room in your house that isn't appointed with feel-good decor. Except....your bathroom.

Yes, you may have a fancy shower curtain, colorful wallpaper, even a vessel sink...but what about the main item? What about your toilet? I'm not talking about decorating the toilet with your kid's stickers. I'm talking about accessorizing this most needed pot for added comfort in performing your daily obligations.

Perhaps one of the most important indicators of good health, according to Ayurveda, is a proper daily bowel movement. However, the way we sit on a toilet is not at all conducive to having a proper movement. Doctors and scientists have long argued that modern-day toilets are bad for our bodies. In the 90-degree position (the angle at which your hips are bent), the natural passage of your intestines is disrupted and literally sealed off. Only through unnecessary exertion against the laws of physics can you manage to complete the “movement.” In the worst case, this can lead to constipation, irritable bowels, hemorrhoids, and even colon cancer.

Squatting is the natural way to have a complete, proper bowel movement. If you grew up in India, or any other developing country, you know what I'm talking about. You may be thinking that your knees or legs can no longer sit in the squat position. But hold tight.... there is a solution to this.

So now, back to your bathroom. I'd like you to equip your toilet for comfort, just like you add cushions to a sofa. Here are the two accessories to be added to the most used pots in your home:

1. Squatty Potty. This will help you assume the squatting position, without much strain on your legs. You'll love this so much, you'll wish you could travel with it!

What's the point of having a spotless home, if you don't feel spotless too? Give your toilet some much needed attention. Make your home -- and your "movements" -- complete !

To a future of proper pottying!

Amita Jain

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