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Marma Pressure for Quick Healing

Our bodies are not just physical as they appear. Past skin, flesh, and bones, we are energy bodies. Our tissues and organs are made up of trillions of cells that perform different functions, but one thing is the same across all cells - they consist of 0ver 99% space. Considering we are a product of these cells constantly in motion, we are more space than anything else. And within this space is energy.

Throughout the body there are certain points at which pranic energy (vital life force) merges together from different areas. Imagine two quiet bubbling streams that merge to create a waterfall with great force and energy. When pressed, these points create an awakening, an unblocking of energy that permeates throughout our body, sometimes providing instant healing and relief from pain.

These energy junctures where life force is concentrated are called marma points. There are 107 known marma points in the body, along the spine, legs, arms, head region, and extremities. Each point when massaged activates a potent healing power that stimulates one or more particular areas. Here I have outlined the most popular and effective marma points that you can use on a daily basis or whenever you feel the need. Press or massage the point deeply and firmly for 2-3 minutes (watch the clock or set timer for accuracy). Then close your eyes and observe the changes, especially the intended area of healing.

Marma point vedic health

Popular and effective marma points for healing:

  • For headache -- press the point between the eyebrows

  • For back pain (not related to injury) -- press the point in center of the palm. This point also stimulated circulation in the entire body.

  • For nasal congestion -- press the points on cheeks alongside the nostril openings

  • For fatigue -- press the fleshy point on the top of the hand between the index finger bone and thumb bone or press the point above the upper lip under the center of nose

  • For insomnia -- press the point four fingers above the ankle bone

  • For racing heart beat - press the point on the palm below the middle finger bone and massage anti-clockwise.

  • For energy and rejuvenation -- massage the ear lobe with thumb and index fingers then massage the entire outer ear

My personal favorite points which I massage often, almost daily, are the center point of the palms and the ears. I instantly feel revitalized and experience a sense of grounding and calm as I observe the energy move through my body clearing blockages from the day after massaging these points. Sometimes during a meeting or phone call, I'll press the center of the palm and massage it, envisioning my blood circulation improving like the clear steady flow of water in a stream. After a long day, an ear massage feels incredible - even kids respond favorably. I can feel my ears tingling now, so I'll end here to free up my hands!

So...massage your marmas ! And regain a jump in your step !

To your good health and happy spirit !

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