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Ayurveda For Acne

Who doesn't want glowing and fresh skin? But having great skin is not only dependent on the DNA. Besides DNA, your skin is highly reliant on the daily habits and the diet you have. Acne is a common skin problem amongst people. Having acne looks a bit unpleasant and is also painful. Acne might demotivate a person, and it can also lower one's confidence. It is essential to know the primary causes and options for holistic treatments. Acne occurs when the oil and dead skin cells clog the follicles of hair. Overproduction of sebum due to various reasons block the follicles, leading to bacteria thriving at that location. This causes inflammation, and acne occurs. In the Ayurvedic exam, the practitioner will determine the root cause of the skin inflammation, whether it is nutritional deficiencies, accumulation of aama (toxins) in the blood, low immunity, a hormonal imbalance, or other cause.

Features of the condition

  • Blackhead

  • Whitehead

  • Pimples

  • Cystic acne

Causes of acne

  • Using products like mineral oil and silicone that contain pore-clogging ingredients

  • The overuse of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur over the counter medicines (medicines available without a prescription), dries out the skin, as a result, more oil is produced. Red pimples can be seen as these ingredients burn the top layer of the skin.

  • Drop in the ph level of the skin by eating spicy food that is generally acidic

  • Using sulfur and silicone-containing hair products that leads to clogging of pores

  • Stimulation of oil glands to produce more oil due to stress, as stress causes the production of cortisol. This excess oil clogs the pores

  • Bacterial spread due to popping and rubbing of pimples

  • Leaving the skin unwashed after a workout

  • Dryness and redness of the skin due to excess exposure to the sun with sun protection

Treatment of Acne is done by keeping all its aspects and causes in mind. Vata and pitta are provoked because of the above reasons. Therefore the efficiency of rakta (blood) and mandha dhata (muscle tissue) is impaired. This causes pimples to appear, which are known as Yuvana pidika in ayurvedic terms.

Treatment methods

  • Using herbs that have cooling and mind smoothening properties

  • Herbs that detoxify and purify the blood

  • Herbs that enhance complexion

  • Stress removal therapies

  • Detoxification therapy

  • Managing lifestyle

  • Making a diet plan

  • Doing yoga and Pranayam (practicing breath control)

Herbs used for acne:

  • Nimba

  • Haridra

  • Daruharidra

  • Sariva

  • Chandana

  • Usheera

  • Rakta chandana

  • Jati phala

  • Manjishtha

  • Khadira

  • Ashwagandha

  • Ashoka

Oral herbal formulations:

  • Kaishore guggul

  • Khadirarishta

  • Maha manjishtadi kashayam

  • Panchanimbadi churna

  • Chandansav

External applications:

  • Kumkumadi thailam

  • Nalpamaradi thailam

Some things you should do

  • Thoroughly wash your face using lukewarm water

  • By drinking plenty of water maintain hydration

  • Take a proper head bath

  • Avoid dust

  • Avoid sun exposure


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