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Holistic and Alternative Medicine

Diabetes     Hypothyroid     IBS     Fibromyalgia     Rheumatoid Arthritis     Lyme    Depression     Anxiety     ADHD     Addiction     Insomnia     Pain

Eczema     GERD     Candida     Asthma/Allergies     Auto-Immune   
Chronic Fatigue     Kidney Disease     Metabolic Disease     Obesity   


Ayurvedic Clinic

We examine our clients using traditional methods to determine the root cause of imbalance.  Our protocols often show improvement in 30-90 days.



We offer various group classes for the well-being of our clients to aid them in their journey back to health. Yoga, support groups, meditation and more.



We offer Ayurvedic cleansing and detox therapies to help strengthen immunity, bring balance within body and mind, and offer relief for stress, pain and discomfort.



Talking is highly therapeutic and is an aid in your overall healing journey.  Meet with a certified counselor who listens with compassion and empathy in a comforting environment.


Energy Healing

Release stored emotions and anxieties that create internal blocks, leading to pain and disease.  Work with our certified therapist to improve your energetic state of being.


Yoga Therapy

We offer private one-on-one yoga sessions at our center. For seniors, we come to your home and provide props for gentle guidance. For group yoga, see 'Classes'.

Our first step is to listen.

"I've been told nothing's wrong with me...but everything is."

"I want to feel like myself again."

"I need someone to make sense of what's happening to me."

"My body says something's not right."

We address the root cause to help you heal permanently.

Herbal Medicine


We stock traditional Ayurvedic medicines in their authentic, pure form for you to learn about how herbs help align our doshas and bring us back to balance.

ayurvedic herbs vedic health

Within you lies the force that heals... 

Meet Amita Jain
Founder, Doctor of Ayurveda

"Our body has innate Wisdom to heal itself.  We just need to make space for it."


Amita Jain with Bruce after his major recovery.
Hear his story.