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Case of: Many Symptoms, No Answers

Names and details of the case have been changed to protect identity.

Healing with Ayurveda

A lady named Anna in her late 50s with a zest for life visited our clinic recently. Though she was smiling upon arrival, as she opened up about her symptoms and list of diagnosed illnesses, she revealed she was frustrated, depressed, and borderline hopeless. She was seeking to regain complete health and well-being. These are the health conditions she listed on her form: osteoporosis, major hair loss, feet neuralgia, anxiety, constipation, hypothyroidism, hemmorhoids, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypoglycemia, history of binge eating disorder, orthostatic hypotension, arthritis, cervical stenosis, Lymes disease, herniated discs. Upon examination, I could feel that she may be suffering from even more symptoms, including acid reflux, cold hands and feet, and brainfog. This she acknowledged as true during questioning.

Anna had been to numerous physicians : an endocrinologist, a neurologist, an orthopaedic, an acupuncturist, a chinese herbalist, a functional medicine practitioner, and a naturopathic doctor. She came to our clinic with a three-page list of supplements, known as "neutraceuticals", she had been on for months prescribed by her other doctors, and costing her nearly $2000 every month. Still, she had not seen much improvement in her condition.

I shared my opinion with Anna, that it would be best for her to seek the guidance of one primary practitioner, and that having too many cooks in the kitchen would only create a mess. Since her naturopath had prescribed most of the supplements, I suggested she not add Ayurveda into the mix, and not see me for guidance as it could interfere with the advice of others. Anna soon returned, selecting us and Ayurveda as her primary care guide.

The first thing I did was gradually stop all but few of the supplements she had been taking (over 30 different bottles). At the same time, we adjusted Anna's diet to incorporate the Vata-pacifying foods that her body needed in order to correct her Vataja Vruddhi (Vata vitiation), and to reduce the Vata-increasing foods that would lead to further imbalance. Anna was incredibly committed to her diet, going as far as to arrange for a nearby cook to prepare her kichadi dishes. I then gave her Ayurvedic herbals to work on what we determined as the root cause: hormonal imbalance.

In addition, I asked Anna to have her allopathic doctors run specific blood tests. Her lab results revealed to me that Anna was possibly taking a high dose of one of her medications, and that her dosage should be adjusted. I asked her to speak with her physician on this, and he agreed that the dose needed to be corrected.

After these 3 changes: specific dosha-balancing diet, specific herbals to address the root cause, and a change to the dosage of her current medications, Anna's progress was faster than expected and amazing to see. She was religious about her follow-ups, coming every 30 days, until I had to tell her that she didn't need to see me anymore. Anna was free of all her symptoms. I recall her parting words at our final appointment: "I'm feeling wonderful, thank you so much... Now, can you give me a remedy for thicker hair?" This is how far Anna had come in about 9 months. The only remaining health concern...more hair!

My intention to post this story is the hope that Anna's success can inspire those who are quietly suffering, feeling unheard and unsure of where to turn for help. If you believe in your body's inherent intelligence, and your mind's ability to aid in healing, take a step forward on the alternative path back to health with Ayurveda.


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